Mother and Daughter in a Safe Place

"It’s safe, that’s it. A really safe place. You don’t have the fear that someone will kick in your door or break the window. That’s the fear my mother and I were living in. They are always there for you If you need them in Sophia. And they really helped showing us how to deal with neighbours and people you don’t get on with. Just pass them by. It’s that simple in a way. That has helped us a lot.

We got evicted from our house and the two of us were in a hostel. Then we got the chance to go to Sophia’s place. I take all the help I can get; some people don’t but I do. I am on less medication now and hope to go back to work soon. We are coming back to life here. We hope to get our own house when we are ready to move from here. We are here 9 months and it’s great. We are both happier and calmer people could not do enough for you. "